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That’s right! Membership to Career4.me is 100% free for candidates and job seekers. By registering you get access to all of the really useful career tools and services that Career4.me has to offer. Use our site to create and share a stunning, professional looking CV that will enhance your personal brand and so develop your career.

Create an inspirational, responsive, optimised and searchable CV that can be published in just minutes. (or you can simply save it in your members CV folder for publishing at a later date). When you publish your CV, you will receive notification within your member’s dashboard of your unique URL. Make a note of this and take full advantage of it – add it to your Facebook page or blog as a link, making it even easier for prospective employers, recruiters or project managers to find you and review your professional experience.

Our responsive & interactive Career Adviser is available to assist you at anytime when making decisions as to what career to choose. By answering a serious of straight forward questions about yourself, our interactive adviser will make suggestions from literally hundred’s of professional choices available to you.

Brush up on your professional knowledge, expand your general knowledge or learn new skills – Visit the Quiz area and choose from a selection of skills based competency tests & quiz’s to help you succeed as well as few just designed for fun!

Do you want to send your CV to specialist recruitment consultants ? Simply select your job category & preferred geographical location and CVBud will automatically send your CV to recruiting professionals based upon your given criteria – within just one minute! Our CV Distribution Network currently spans right across the United Kingdon, the USA, South Africa, New Zealand and parts of the Balkan’s. This innovative job search tool will save you so much time and hassle!

Are you worried that your CV maybe letting you down in terms of written content? Consult with the CV Doctor and receive a free CV health check! You will also send you a video review, recorded whilst the CV Doctor & his team review your CV; You will see what they are looking at and will be able to hear their thoughts and observations.

We have literally thousands of career related articles and other useful resources including eBooks and career guides to help you develop your career and enhance your personal brand.

Want to chat to friends, colleagues or prospective employers, recruiters or contract managers? Invite them to join you in your own private video conference room. Host a get together or hold a forum meeting. We provide you with unlimited live video conference facilities.

Career4.me offers members a completely autonomous and confidential CV verification and checking service that is best suited for individuals, contractors, freelancers and self employed professionals. Upon your CV being successfully verified in terms of validity of content, the highly regarded Career4.me ‘CV Verified’ Badge will be displayed on your online CV and we will issue you with an official certificate.

Give back and rate  recruitment agency (anonymously if you prefer). The more opinions, the more valuable the information to Career4.Me members and other job seekers.

Share the fun and show us how you promote Career4.me! We publish our members best examples and reward with Gift Vouchers.

Use the interactive interview simulators to brush up on your interview techniques.

Earn reward points for everyday tasks ranging from , reading articles, CV submission, rating your favourite recruiters and many, many more. Trade your accumulated reward points for amazing free gifts including, iPad’s, Gift Vouchers, Web hosting, Graphic Design and many, many more! 


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